Good Eats

  • The Main Event

    • Side Options are French fries or tater tots
    • Substitute Caesar or garden salad for $4.00
    • Substitute onion rings, sweet potato fries or poutine $6.00

  • Fish & Chips


    6oz beer battered haddock cooked to a golden brown, served with tartar sauce, lemon and choice of side

  • Chicken Fingers


    4 chicken fingers, served with dipping sauce and choice of side

  • Donair Poutine


    Fries loaded with donair meat, tomato, onion, cheese curds, gravy & donair sauce

  • Fried Chicken Dinner


    3 pieces of fried chicken cooked to perfection, served with your choice of side

  • New York Striploin Dinner


    8oz New York striploin cooked to your liking, served with choice of side

    • Add mushrooms $2.50
    • Add onions $2.50
    • Go for both! $4.00
  • Pesto Alfredo Primavera


    Pasta with pesto Alfredo sauce and mixed veggies, topped with parmesan and served with garlic toast

    • Add chicken $4.00
    • Add shrimp $6.00
  • Spaghetti & Meatballs


    Pasta with marinara sauce and meatballs, topped with parmesan and served with garlic bread

  • Chicken & Bacon Alfredo


    Pasta with Alfredo sauce, sautéed chicken, bacon & red onion, topped with parmesan and served with garlic toast

  • Chef Ben's Stir-Fry


    Carrots, broccoli, peppers, mushrooms and red onion, sautéed in sesame oil with chili flakes, on a bed of brown sugar and soy rice, topped with green onion, sesame seeds and roasted almonds

    • Add chicken $4.00
    • Add shaved steak $4.00
    • Add shrimp $ 7.00
    • Add salmon filet $8.00